MIAMI | Swerdlow Megadevelopment

„ Plans for one of Miami’s largest ever developments have been revealed as part of a bid for county property in the Little River and Little Haiti area, according to the Herald.

Swerdlow Group is partnering on the bid with AJ Capital Partners, which controls 27 acres in the area.

Four Miami-Dade public housing projects, including Victory Homes and New Haven Gardens, would be redeveloped along with the private property (the proposal is in response to a county RFP for the public housing). Tenants in the existing buildings would be moved into the new buildings at the same rent.

The new development would include:

  • 3,500 workforce apartments (some may also be sold as condos with workforce income restrictions)
  • 1,400 low income apartments
  • Home Depot, along with other possible big-box stores
  • new Tri-Rail station
  • 700,000 square feet of new parks and green space

The train tracks for the new Tri-Rail Downtown Miami link run through the area. The new station would allow for increased zoning.

Swerdlow is in contract to buy additional property in the area, and has a LOI from Home Depot for the new store. The developer also has financing secured for major parts of the proposal, and says completion would take around eight years.

Block 55, currently under construction in Overtown, is also being built by Swerdlow.

Arquitectonica and PlusUrbia created the masterplan for the proposal.“


Is this the higher elevation area?

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