MIAMI | Portside + WTC Miami | (Mega Development)


Building Heights
Hotel & Residence: 60 stories
WTCM Office Tower 1: 30 stories
WTCM Office Tower 2: 25 stories
Convention Center Hotel: 20 stories
WTCM Convention Space: 9 stories
Facilities and Offices: 8 stories
Residences: 7 stories


  2. ***** IMPORTANT*****

Important: Reference #2 contains numerous pdf’s or documents. For anybody interested, given the scope of the project, the documents should serve as an extensive guide to the masterplan. Also, the current figures for the towers are as of now; more will be added later as this is a long term project and the other towers are currently being developed/planned.

An idea of the scope: :slight_smile:

Here is the current port. Essentially, this will be like a mini-CBD once everything comes to fruition.

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