MIAMI | One Bayfront Plaza | 1049 FT | 92 FLOORS


One Bayfront Plaza

Hollo, who built the Omni complex, the Opera Tower and numerous other urban projects during a development career spanning 60 years, won approval for One Bayfront Plaza during the economic downturn, figuring it would take several years to develop and build it. He now says he’s likely two to three years away from the start of construction.

The wedge-shaped tower, designed by the prominent firm Kohn Pederson Fox — also responsible for the signature Espirito Santo Bank building on Brickell — would contain two levels of shops, an 800-room hotel, 130,000 square feet of exhibition space, offices and 640 condos.

One reason he’s going super-tall, Hollo said, is that it’s simpler to build one really tall tower than multiple, shorter buildings.

“I prefer to do one building at a time,” Hollo said. “I like to focus on the details. If you do three or four at a time, you lose it. This way I can be on top of everything.”

Note: The FAA approved this at 1,005 FT. The developer is pushing for a 2018 construction date. This is tentative, and may change. This could possibly start sooner. This developer is known for being very aggressive. :wink:

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FAA warns developers that planned Miami towers pose hazard to MIA flights


Florida East Coast Realty has proposed building its One Bayfront Plaza office and retail tower 1,005 feet tall. The FAA wants to cut it down to 470 feet.


Hopefully they can come to a compromise or if the tower will remain at its approved height by the FAA previously.

New Renderings Of 92-Story One Bayfront Plaza

Developer Florida East Coast Realty has provided TNM with high-resolution renderings of One Bayfront Plaza, which is proposed to become the tallest building in Florida.

The plans call for a 92-story, 1049-foot tower. The proposal has been submitted to the city for review (replacing a previous MUSP for the site), and an application for the 1,049-foot height has been submitted to the FAA.

Work could begin as soon as January 2019, when leases in an existing building on the site expire.

The proposed project would include:

902 apartments
200 hotel rooms
532,000 square feet Class A office
103,959 square feet of retail on the lower levels
Pedestrian bridge to Metromover
1,055 parking spaces
Kohn Pedersen Fox is the architect.


Wow this building is superb, hope it gets built!

amazing! wish this could start right away!

92-Story One Bayfront Plaza: Demolition Anticipated 1H 2019 :slight_smile:

One Bayfront Plaza remains on track to begin construction in 2019, the developers said last week.

Demolition of an existing office building in the site is expected to begin in the first half of 2019. Construction would then take 50 months.

Dean Warhaft, chief development officer at Florida East Coast Realty, told the SFBJ that the office building will have a big advantage over other office towers proposed in one area – floor plate size.

Under Miami 21, office floor plates are limited to 30,000 square feet, which isn’t big enough to match what office and tech tenants demand. One Bayfront Plaza is grandfathered under the old zoning code, and building 36,000-square-foot office floor plates by modifying a MUSP.

The project also includes a hotel, retail, and rental apartments – and the market is now hot for all of those, boding well for the building’s prospects.

I’ll have to be the reverend in this and make you believe in the almighty power of Miami. My congregation shall believe in the almighty Miami.

Just give it time roberitoam, Miami will make it happen. Yes the struggle is real, but one day it will have its day.

300 Biscayne is more likely to be the 1st one.

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I have faith in your word chris.
But look at this madness

And of the ones “U/C” half aren’t really yet
However I will have faith in the word of almighty reverend Chris.


Not sure why the application was never finalized?

I base beliefs in Miami development that nothing will ever happen, but this is one step closer.

Realistically, If Miami can get this, One River Point, the Aston Martin Residences, and Skyrise Miami done, then that – coupled with One Thousand Museum, Brickell Arch, and Echo Brickell – will make an amazing skyline!


Miami developers seem to be trolls. They’ve been proposing supertalls for over a decade but none materialize. It’s one of the best American skylines but projects over 900’ always get delayed.


I agree.

I love Miami, but half of these proposals are pipedreams and most of what get’s buillt is crap.


92-Story One Bayfront Plaza Resubmitted To FAA At 1,049 Feet

The developer of the 92-story One Bayfront Plaza tower has resubmitted their plans to the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to the September 14 filing, the tower will rise 1,044 feet above ground, or 1,049 feet above sea level.

Construction is set to begin on May 1 2019, the application states.

In 2015, the FAA approved plans for a 1,005-foot tower on the site. In 2016, the developer applied for approval to build at the taller 1,044-foot height, but it isn’t clear if approval was ever granted or if it has expired.

Developer Florida East Coast Realty also obtained approved in 2016 for a 1,049-foot tower at 1201 Brickell Bay Drive, known as The Towers by Foster and Partners. An extension of that approval was granted, with expiration set for October 2019 if construction doesn’t start by then.

One Bayfront Plaza was approved late last year by city planners to include residences, hotel, office and retail space.


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tis the season for FAA resubmissions I guess.

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Downtown Miami’s 92-story One Bayfront Plaza tower has been approved to be built by the Federal Aviation Administration – for a second time.

In a ruling issued on January 7, the agency said the tower can be built up to 1,044 feet above ground, or 1,049 feet above sea level.

Review by the FAA took 16 months, after a September 2018 application.

In the application, representatives of the developer reminded the FAA that the agency had previously approved a 1,049-foot height in 2016. That approval had expired, and the developer wrote that they wanted re-approval as they were close to breaking ground.

Developer Florida East Coast Realty was also approved by the FAA in 2016 for a 1,049-foot tower at 1201 Brickell Bay Drive, known as The Towers by Foster and Partners. That approval expired in October 2019.[/B]

One Bayfront Plaza was approved in 2017 by city planners to include residences, hotel, office, and retail space.

There doesn’t appear to be any pending construction or demolition permit filed with Miami’s Building Department for One Bayfront Plaza, so work is unlikely to begin imminently.



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The back side reminds me of the building in London that melted cars. Hopefully they’ve done the math to prevent that from happening in Miami.

All tenants had or in the process of moving out.

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