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SLS Brickell, One Bayfront Plaza, 700 Biscayne Have Clearance To Fly The Friendly Skies

The Federal Aviation Administration hasn’t stopped barnstorming through the large backlog of downtown/Brickell/Edgewater skyscrapers seeking height approvals that had collected on their runways, following eight recent approvals with three more, according to exMiami.

Please welcome to the dancefloor SLS Brickell at 599 feet tall (which recently broke ground), Tibor Hollo’s One Bayfront Plaza at 1,005 feet in height, and even 700 Biscayne, a condo killed in the Great Recession but apparently very much back alive although not a scrap of a rendering is yet to be found. It’s controversially next to the even more controversial 600 Biscayne, to be built immediately behind the Freedom Tower, towering imperiously above it no doubt.


Woot! Miami is on fire!

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Chateau Group Renewing Approval To Build 700-Foot Towers At 600 Biscayne

Chateau Group is requesting permission from the FAA to build two 700-foot towers at 600 Biscayne Boulevard and 700 Biscayne Boulevard.

Two separate condo towers had been proposed for the sites in the mid-2000s, including a controversial proposal behind and adjacent to the Freedom Tower. The properties were later acquired by Chateau Group, and are used for surface parking an billboard advertising.

In 2013, the FAA issued approval to build up to 700 feet on both sites. An extension was granted in 2015, but the approval is set to expire in January 2017.

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