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600 Biscayne

"A developer has submitted plans to build a 704 foot tower at 600 biscayne boulevard in Miami.

The application was submitted to the FAA in March and indicates plans to commence construction in August 2014.

The application references a controversial previous proposal on the site in 2005. A condo tower called freedom square was eventually green-lighted by the city of Miami despite close proximity to the historic Freedom Tower.

Records show that Manuel Grosskopf controls a portion of the company that owns the site. Grosskopf has a number of other towers under construction or planned throughout the Miami area, including the adjacent 700 Biscayne and Chateau Beach in Sunny Isles. "

Very Preliminary Renderings:

Note: This project has not started construction. Way behind schedule.

Project right by 700 Biscayne. Separate tower from 600 Biscayne. WIth Miami projects, its good to wait. Sometimes stalled projects come back to life, like this one. :wink:

Chateau Group is requesting permission from the FAA to build two 700-foot towers at 600 Biscayne Boulevard and 700 Biscayne Boulevard.

Two separate condo towers had been proposed for the sites in the mid-2000s, including a controversial proposal behind and adjacent to the Freedom Tower. The properties were later acquired by Chateau Group, and are used for surface parking an billboard advertising.

In 2013, the FAA issued approval to build up to 700 feet on both sites. An extension was granted in 2015, but the approval is set to expire in January 2017.
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