SUNNY ISLES BEACH | 18801 Collins Ave | 2 X 649 FT | FLOORS

Something tall could go here. Like many sites which have been bought, and eventually a 600+ foot tower was built. Something to keep our focus on. Just as a reminder, they are the same group that gave us the Jade Signature. There record is solid when it comes to delivering 600 foot towers. Given that the height ceiling for the area is about 640-650 feet, expect something around that height. The condo market is booming in S. Florida at the moment. This location is also by the Porsche Design Tower, which is under construction at the moment. :wink:


Fortune and Chateau buy condo development site for $113M

Fortune International Group teamed up with Chateau Group to buy a hotel condominium complex in Sunny Isles Beach and they plan to replace it with a luxury condo project.

The joint venture between Miami-based Fortune and Chateau, which was founded in Argentina, paid $112.5 million for the four buildings on 4.7 acres at 18801 Collins Ave. It appears the developers reached an agreement with the individual owners of the 347 units in the La Playa de Varadero, which was built in 1965, to buy them out. These were hotel condo units, so most of the owners probably didn’t live there.

Current Site:

Proposed La Playa Towers In Sunny Isles Revised, Hotel Component Eliminated

Chateau Group and Fortune International want to remove a hotel component from their proposed twin tower La Playa project at 18801 Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles.

The previously approved plan included 431 residential condo units, 90 condo/hotel units, and 60 hotel units. Instead, the developers are requesting approval to build 490 residential units. A bridge between the two towers is also being removed.

The Sunny Isles Beach commission is scheduled to consider the changes at a meeting tomorrow.

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Sunny Isles is booming.

I wonder when this crappy Days Inn will be redeveloped.

These two just got resubmitted to the FAA at 750-ft above sea level.

Looks nice. Very Miami esque so it definitely fits. Will have to see when it rises.

I wish we had some “Miami-esque” buildings in NY. Maybe on some of the waterfronts.

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I preferred the prior iteration, but this is nice too.

I hope that it has lavish landscaping on Collins.

I would like to see the rest of the low-rise, 2-story midcentury buildings replaced as well. Still a good five spots where one could see some much needed density.