SUNNY ISLES BEACH, FL. | 17171 Collins Ave (Muse) | 649 FT | 49 FLOORS

Muse condo tower starts signing contracts with buyers

Another new Sunny Isles Beach condo tower took a significant step toward being developed in the barrier island city in Northeast Miami-Dade County.

Earlier this month, the planned 47-story, 68-unit Muse condo tower slated to be developed on an oceanfront site in the 17100 block of Collins Avenue began converting refundable buyer reservations starting at $100,000 into nonrefundable presale contracts, with purchase prices totaling in the millions of dollars.

The conversion from reservations, which were first signed back in March, into presale purchase contracts with 50 percent deposits is a critical step in a new project’s evolution. During this process, developers quickly determine the total number of committed purchasers and find out who changed their minds after initially deciding to buy in a particular tower.

With more than half of the planned units reserved in the Muse condo tower, a high rate of buyer conversions from reservations to contracts would propel the project’s development team – New York City’s Property Markets Group with Kevin Maloney and Aventura-based S2 Development with J. Claudio Stivelman – toward launching construction by the end of the year.

A groundbreaking in December 2014 would put the Carlos Ott-designed Muse condo tower on track for completion in early 2017.


Credit: NXT

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Credit: siegersuarez architects

Credit: Bonno van der Putten

Wow Chris hahah thank you for showing me this tower. In beach cities I find generally these white boring beach style towers to be mind numbing. It’s great to see from time to time innovative designs like these, they really stand out. Regarding the design itself I really appreciate these sail type designs if you see what I mean. Overall rather interesting

Muse is the tower on the left. Same pic in the jade thread. The given being Jade Signature is on the right. Both towers are over 640 ft and rising at the same time.

Credit: Adam Mizrahi

Like this one.



On the left. One on the right is Jade Signature.

Credit: NXT


View from the top.

Credit: Muse Sunny Isles


Very nice find, Chris!

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Credit: NXT


Love this tower. Was looking for an update yesterday. Thanks.

I’m sure you were impressed when you visited the region. People often look down on Miami, but I find when they visit, they are blown away by the urban nature and activity in the area.

The whole region is booming. 2nd most activity in the nation. In terms of the skyscrapers and high rises, its activity rivals NY at a modest 2nd (region that is).

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I visited last week the place is booming with construction

Credit: Property Markets Group


I feel like I’ve seen a dozen insane proposals for miami but none have made it off the ground.
Miami talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk, unlike new york

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