If there was a cable channel on architecture, what show would you love to watch?

Hey all, I’m a video/television producer and director based in NYC. I’m fascinated by architecture and design, and I’ve come up with a number of TV show concepts or web series on the subject matter. I"m torn between going the crowdfunding route and partnership/sponsorship with another organization, be it another media company or a private supplier.

I’m enjoying Yimby and its members reports and comments. So I’m asking you specifically, if you could choose one or two or three video series to watch, what would they be about? What content would make you tune in every week?

It could be NY centric or about any development around the world.

Thanks in advance!

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An interesting program I would watch would be a show where every month/week there would be a top ranking of best buildings U/C depending on design, sustainability, height etc. There would then be a brief discussion and explanation on the reason why this building is ranked. Would be great to see designs that often arent noticed.

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Thanks Robert for you input! It is a great concept but how can we keep it fresh and new every month, without repeating the same listings every month? I have something similar though, and it’s reminiscent of Siskel and Ebert, the 2 movie critics show you may have seen a long time ago. The show would be called “Up or Down”, and it would talk about 2 or 3 projects each show, evaluating if they should go up or not. We would invite the architects and neighborhood residents, and offer a show full of heated discussions on the merits or lack of for these projects. I believe this show would become a real innovative and interesting phenomenon. What do you guys think?

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Cartouche, I think this could be great show. It would keep it fresh and interesting by incorporating the residents and architects. Including bits of info along the way.
I would love to watch it. When it comes through, let us know where to find it!

Thanks Wiggleworth, I will keep you posted. Your words are encouraging.

I’d watch the one with hot, naked chicks !

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Of course you would Robert. Let’s get that show going as well!

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I’m pretty sure that show already exists Robert hahahaha

Yeah, architecture can really be sexy of course.

I’ve always been fascinated with the construction process and challenges. The shows that document projects in progress were always a favorite of mine, such as Building it Bigger, Mega Structures (or a name similar to that…I can’t remember… been a little while).