FRANKFURT | Millennium Tower | 944 + 515 FT | 43+ 67 FLOORS

„ There is talk of a "spectacular design. According to reports, Heide has divided the building mass into two towers: a 300-meter office and hotel tower with a twisted facade and an observation deck at the top, and a residential tower around a hundred meters high.

The Millennium Tower is set to become the tallest tower in the city. So far, the Commerzbank Tower holds the height record at 260 meters.“

„ The Millennium site is located in a cluster of high-rise buildings near the trade fair center. The architects are to accommodate 185,000 square meters of gross floor space on an area of only around 8700 square meters between Hohenstaufenstrasse and Osloer Strasse. Around half of the building mass is accounted for by office space, which is planned together with hotel rooms in the larger tower. In addition, there will be around 500 apartments, mainly in the smaller residential tower, 200 of which will be subsidized.“


„ An actual realization of the high-rise buildings is currently not yet certain, but the planning is being approached quite concretely. The construction time should be at least 5 years. Completion is scheduled for around 2030.“

Credit Millennium Areal Frankfurt - Hier werden die Millennium Towers gebaut


Profile of the building complex on the “Millennium Areal”

Location Frankfurt, Europaviertel between Hohenstaufenstraße and Osloer Straße
Plot size approx. 8,700 m²
Building type Two high-rise buildings (approx. 157 and 280 metres) and a plinth building with 6 full storeys and possibly 1 staggered storey
Main uses Office, hotel, residential, day-care centre (4 groups), food services, viewing platform/rooftop restaurant (Sky Hall)
Supplementary uses Retail, services, medical practices, leisure uses
GFA Total: approx. 178,000 m² above ground, of which approx. 92,000 m² office space, approx. 48,000 m² residential, approx. 22,000 m² hotel space, approx. 15,000 m² access areas, restaurants and supplementary public uses, approx. 1,000 m² indoor space with at least 600 m² outdoor space for a day-care facility
Subsidised housing approx. 200 rental flats in the 1st and 2nd funding scheme
Privately financed housing approx. 300 flats




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