Moscow | One Tower | 1453 FT | 106 Floors

The 405-meter ‘One Tower’ is set to be become the tallest residential building in Europe, the deputy mayor of Moscow announced as he presented the ambitious project at the Moscow Urban Forum.

The skyscraper will also be the tallest in the Moscow City International Business Center, topping the city’s current tallest building, Federation Tower, by more than 30 meters. It will be built in a unique geometric form and will be 101 floors tall with three more underground floors.

The author of the project, architect Sergey Skuratov, likened the tower to a yacht canvas and an airplane wing. He said the building will have the best view of Moscow’s landmarks.

Moscow city authorities approved construction of One Tower last year. More than 2,000 workers will work on the site. The completed skyscraper will offer its residents and tenants a total area of 8,000 square meters.

The Russian capital is becoming rich in skyscrapers, and the newest addition is set to be the sixth supertall building in the city.

While the new skyscraper will be the tallest residential complex, it will not be the tallest building in Russia. Last October, construction of the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg was completed. The 462-meter skyscraper will host the headquarters of Russian energy giant Gazprom. The building is set to open its doors in a year, becoming the tallest building in Europe.


It will be the tallest building in Moscow and second tallest building in Europe and in Russia after Lakhta Center in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. As a residential building it will be the tallest in Europe and second tallest in the world after Central Park Tower in New York City. The One Tower will also be the first building in Europe with more than 100 floors and will have Europe’s highest observation deck on the 100th floor.


it will make for a fine pinnacle of Moscow’s IBC. If finished I don’t think Europe will top this for a long, long time.



That first picture looks like a building in high heels.


Don’t the oligarchs want to park their money in NY, London, and Miami any more?

The Sky over Moskow is the Limit.


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Who exactly is going to buy in this tower now that Russia is the world’s pariah and the new North Korea?

Russia is finished. They’ll have a few generations of extreme poverty and isolation. These buildings will be near-worthless.

Also, this thread should not be labeled “Europe”. Russia isn’t “Europe”.

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Nothing new

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Given the Russian economy is collapsing, and the country will probably be economically isolated for a few generations, I think this tower’s prospects are pretty bleak. I assume the Kremlin has a few more prominent issues than how to subsidize a showplace skyline neighborhood for PR purposes.

The Russian economy is doing pretty well. China and India are buying its oil.

No it’s not lol. But this isn’t the place for that discussion.

Yeah there is probably little hope for this one. How big is the lot for this? If small enough I’d love to see it go right in that lot by the UN building, though I’m pretty sure zoning doesn’t support this big of a structure there.

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So The Economist is wrong? Ok.

Or Hudson Yards 2

with its possible new neighbors:
Dom Dau 1115 feet tall.

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Is this u/c

Per: 01: One Tower | 444 м 106 эт | приост. | Page 84 | SkyscraperCity Forum

link is in russian

What exactly is going on here? Is this officially under construction? or do it
only temporarily? @TKDV


The title of the skyscraperpage thread includes the words “приост.” which means “приостановлено” which is Russian for “on hold.” What else needs to be said?


I’m not quite sure why I in particular am being asked for development status of this project.