FRANKFURT | Central Business Tower | 52 FLOORS | 673 FT


Frankfurt = Mainhattan



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The floor slab of the fifth basement level is expected to be concreted in summer 2024. A few months later, the building will rise. Construction is expected to take one week for each of the 52 floors. Commissioning of the high-rise is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2027 and be completed in the spring of 2028.

Per: Excavation of the Central Business Tower - SKYLINE ATLAS

Is this a foundation plan?

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Yes/no, it’s a pile plan, which is a part of the foundation, but it doesn’t show the raft foundation that will be poured on top of the piles and connect them.

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This is a Piles diagram.

What is the raft foundation?

Just a big slab of reinforced concrete.

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Similar to the Elb Tower.

Yes. :+1:

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Today webcam


As I read it on SSC, a ceiling construction is also used here.

The floor slab (floor of the second floor) is poured and only then are the floors below dug and then built. From basement 1 to basement 2 and then I don’t really know how the actual foundation (concrete pipes) is drilled. Basement 2 is finished but I can’t imagine this building standing on a concrete slab (flat foundation).

This type was already used at Four Frankfurt, but the floor area was much larger than here. Completion of the lower floors is planned for Q3 2024 and construction of the tower may start in Q1 2025?

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Here we build from top to bottom?

Do they use pre-fabricated blocks by any chance?

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Today webcam


Per: il fenomeno SSC