BOSTON | Mystic Generating Station ( site for a new soccer stadium)


„ They’ve been on a long quest to find a suitable spot in or near Boston to build a stadium more similar in size to those used by other pro soccer teams, with 20,000 to 30,000 seats, and custom-designed for the game’s sightlines. Many sites have been pitched over the years, from the old Wonderland dog track in Revere to the industrial Inner Belt area in Somerville to the City of Boston’s public works yard next to the Southeast Expressway. The Krafts got close with the former Bayside Expo site, owned by UMass, but that idea was dropped in 2017 amid political pushback and traffic concerns.“ revolution-still-wonder-about-getting-their-own-stadium/

Old stadium concept: Stadium Statement From Robert and Jonathan Kraft | New England Revolution