AUSTIN | 3rd & Congress St | 1243 FT ? | 90 FLOORS

No, not yet but soon.


I wonder what the abortion ruling will have on future building in Texas?

It’s all come to an end. There will be no future building. No businesses or individuals will ever move to Texas again…

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A Development Assessment permit was filed today for 203 Colorado. It maps to this project. I’m changing the project name from 3rd & Congress to 3rd & Colorado.

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I guess it failed to pass. I just checked on it


You have the link to it?

The permit didn’t fail per se, parts of the submitted materials were rejected because they failed to adequately show some conditions required by the city.


Does nothing arise here?

Is the project now canceled?

The city permit site is down, so it can not be checked. But the developer not having all the correct information in their submitted materials doesn’t mean the project is cancelled. They can always resubmit.


So there is still a hope on the supertall.

I read a comment on SSP that there is something new about the next tallst skyscraper in Austin, if applicable. Do you know anything more about it?

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I haven’t heard any particular news about that. Would you happen to know if it was related to this project, 98 Red River, or a completely different project?

From SSP jdawgboy

“Crazy how there is already gossip in the local forum about another Austin tower in the works that could end up being taller than 98 Red River! So this tower may not last for too long as the tallest in Austin, let alone Texas.”

98 Red River it is not, it would be one of the other possible Supertall projects:
Projekt 3rd & Congress Street or Railyard District

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For Austin, 3 Supertalls

Railyard District
98 Red River
and this


Ah, yes I recall reading that on SSP, speculation is being pointed towards 410 E. 5th by a user who may have inside information but is unsure if that is the project site, but they don’t believe it to be this project or in the Railyard District.

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Is this not;

4th supertall

Yes, that is the speculated site, but like I said the user does not know if they interpreted the information correctly to pinpoint it back to that site.


Per urbannizer

Word floating around in the Austin sub-forum that a supertall taller than 98 Red River is proposed. This comes from two different users. It is said to be presented to the design commission in late September with a 3Q 2023 start date, 4 year construction timeline.

No word on location. My guess would be 3rd and Congress, what’s being planned there is rumored to be a super tall.

Edit: Going through the discussion again it may be 410 East 5th- currently proposed at 54 floors but is said to be “drastically updated.”

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