Worldwide/International Trends

Herein is designated a thread for trends occurring internationally, notably where new development is currently occurring or is most likely to occur around the globe. Make your case here for any place around the globe, whether it is a city, region, or country, as global trends are an important facet of many of the aspects of real estate development in general.

Starting off, here’s an article with the video transcript of the b1m’s video on China’s recent implementations of various height limits.

What a shame. So I guess for now on buildings can’t go over 250 meters unless something really convincing happens :slightly_frowning_face:

Not really a shame. It´s mainly so that China can get more of a hold on the quality of these buildings going and prevent a lot of vanity projects from being built just for the height or status or whatever. This is a good thing, now hopefully when towers do go up (some still will, they just have to get special permission from the government) they will actually be built with some sense of the economic landscape.
Edit: This also may promote more midrises and densifying not just in the city center.


Ah, that makes sense now, thanks for clarifying it :slight_smile: :+1:


Total tramp for terra cotta! One Vanderbilt was a huge moment for this material!