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This thread is designated for miscellaneous low-rise projects of any stage in development. At YIMBY, low-rises are considered buildings of less then 10 stories (100 feet). Projects of 10 or more stories (100+ feet) are deserving of their own thread in the appropriate category. Significant projects of less than 10 stories (100 feet) are eligible to an individual thread. ANCHORAGE general development news can also be tracked here.

You already did this two months ago. Can you at least check before you start these new threads?

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Wow, not a city I would’ve expected to see tackling urban planning reform. Who knows how the vote will go but you can feel the winds of change blowing.

This is good because it’s basically 80% parking lot and 20% office. And maybe 1% residential. I’m certain we will see Anchorage reinvent itself and become a pedestrianized city with more green space and residential, perhaps attracting young professionals or hipsters to live in. Who knows, maybe it’ll become a “hip trendy” city for mainland Americans to escape to. Look at Bozeman, Montana and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In the middle of nowhere, but you have hipsters fleeing there along with the Kardashians, lol.


Good for them! Minimum parking requirements increase the cost of developments, reduce the diversity of housing stock, and dis-incentivize dense, urban development. By removing this burden from developers, the city will likely see more sensible, mixed use buildings.

Very cool Alaska!

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