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Why would Dallas be anything like Boston or Philly, when they’re much older cities? Dallas is rapidly building up its core, it’s gonna take time. But things have been improving for years now. Klyde Warren Park and the increased development around it is an indicator. Thousands of units have went up and millions of sq ft of office space. Resulting in increased density. That’s why Goldman Sachs is building a campus in Uptown. Numerous projects are on the way.


This video taken in Summer 2022. It’s like I can feel the Texas heat coming from this video lol. It shows a portion of Preston Center, the Park Cities (very affluent single family residential), Turtle Creek, Uptown, close to Victory Park, and ending in Downtown. Imma try to get as many projects mentioned as I can. I probably left some out…

(Uptown is under height restrictions due to Love Field. BTW many of the links feature full renderings and site plans)

Starts - Preston Center (Dallas). High-rises in the distance is where the new 20+ story residential tower going up (no official renderings released yet).

0:50 - Park Cities (University Park - Highland Park)

10:08 - entering into the Dallas city limits from the Park Cities (Turtle Creek Blvd - Turtle Creek neighborhood). The Turtle Creek Corridor is a very nice and heavily landscaped urban parkway. With a series of parks a long Turtle Creek itself. Condo/residential/hotel/office towers overlooking the parkway.

13:36 - the empty lot on the right is where the Four Seasons Turtle Creek is going to be built at 454 ft.

14:25 - entering Uptown (Katy Trail bridge above - in video link trail starts at 11:00). It’s very popular and attracts over 1 million visitors a year.

14:55 until 15:07 - on the left is where the planned 3 tower complex by Lincoln Property is suppose to be built. 415 ft / 385 ft / 330 ft

15:20 - to the right is 23Springs U/C, a 399 ft office building. Next to it is 2811 Maple a 31 story residential tower at 372 ft that’s also U/C

16:50 - the main cluster of high-rises in Uptown

17:50 - Strip Shopping Center where a planned high-rise hotel is suppose to go

19:00 - Victory Park high-rises in the distance

20:24 - urban Tom Thumb to the left with office and residential on top. To the right is the North End Apartments recently demolished for Goldman Sachs new campus.

21:00 - Downtown Dallas

Hopefully, many can see the effort in the last decade to further urbanize and densify.


Habe you a update?

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Convention center update



Looks interesting. I guess projects like this is what will happen to inter city highways with no likeliness of being torn down

Put a patch over it, better than nothing

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30-story Uptown Dallas tower set to start at midyear

The development is designed to include a 30-story office tower with ground-floor retail. A second phase would have a hotel.
The $200 million first phase of Parkside Uptown is scheduled to start in midyear, according to planning documents filed with the state.
“Project is for a 30-story podium style tower with underground parking,” the filing with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation says. “Ground floor would incorporate retail and restaurant uses.”
The high-rise wouldn’t open until 2026.

Project Renderings - Height 450 ft


7 min long flyover video


a stadium is planned in dallas?

That is a new convention center.

what kind of stadium is this by min 3:25??

That is the arena portion of the existing convention center that is being repurposed/revamped, the rest/majority of the connecting convention center structures will be demolished.

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Construction of Stonelake Capital Partners’ planned 17-story, 180,000-square-foot office tower and parking garage at 2626 McKinney Ave. will begin in October and cost $68.7 million, according to a planning document filed with the state.

The project will be on a site across the street from Whole Foods Market now occupied by a low-rise office, which Stonelake Capital acquired in 2021. The Dallas Morning News reported Feb. 3 that the building would open in mid-2025.

The project will join several other office towers being built in Uptown, which have already attracted major corporate tenants. They include Harwood International’s 27-story Harwood No. 14 project along Harry Hines Boulevard, the 26-story 23Springs office tower by Granite Properties on Cedar Springs Road across from The Crescent and the 12-story Quad tower near McKinney Avenue from Stream Realty Partners.


This is the newly updated renderings of the NewPark development. This development is right across the street from the planned new convention center and entertainment district (you can see portions of it in the video at 0:59). As you can see, there’s an attempt to densify and urbanize the Downtown area. Now, they just need to actually build it.


Nice to have someone to cover Dallas here. That convention center is massive. Looks amazing. If texas high speed rail ever actually starts construction (Unlikely, hopefully brightline takes it over or Texas gets its head out of its ass), then it would be nice to have a large modern station nearby this whole area.

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Amazingly the only new passenger rail actively being built in Texas is in the autocentric suburbs of Dallas! Here is the Silver Line, an absurd boondoggle that will connect Dallas-Fort Worth airport with Plano. Yes, it will have connections to some of the DART light-rail lines, and it will be possible to change trains at DFW to connect to the line that goes to Fort Worth. But given this is Texas, this is sure to become one of the less-used commuter-rail lines in the country once it opens for service in 2026.