What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

One vandy, Steinway, and CPT to finish so that I can come to NY and take pics!

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i cant wait for the next phases of construction. CPT, one Vanderbilt, 111w57, hudson yards are all on their way to completion. The next set of buildings going up is going to start, 9 dekalb, Hudson Yards phase 2, 50 hy, the spiral etc. And then when those are done we will be in the midst of ANOTHER supertall boom (park ave, 80 south street, 45 broad, hyatt tower)

next decade will be great


The show continues.

I’m telling yah, only a matter of time before we see a near mega tall, and I have a feeling it will sprout in Midtown East. A lot of potential sites that could yield such a tower when the conditions are right.

Only a matter of time. The bar keeps climbing higher and higher.


Lots of progress from this list…except 2WTC :frowning: