WASHINGTON | Union Station Redevelopment

A rendering of Union Station’s new train hall. The hall is expected to compliment, not replace, the historic building that’s long been the face of the century-old station.

„Visitors can make their way from the historic building to a new train hall, which is designed for daylight and for passengers to more easily spot where to catch their bus or train. The station also connects to Metro and DC Circulator services.

Parking is located at the lowest level, along with the majority of the pickup and drop-off area and two of the four concourses lined with retailors. From there, visitors have their pick of escalator or elevator to travel up to the train station. And above the train station is the bus facility. The project assumes increased use, so bus and train capacity has been added. The highest level offers an outdoor deck where people can be dropped off or picked up, or simply leisure along some green space.

Developer Akridge plans to create a mix of residential and commercial buildings next to the center space with greenery, along the 15 acres of air rights north of Union Station. However that $3 billion project called Burnham Place is contingent on the redevelopment of the station.

The latest design accounts for public feedback, including from local government officials who were critical of an earlier proposal that had a massive parking garage. Members of the Commission of Fine Arts seemed to largely support the plan, however a few voiced reservations that the historic building would become just a passthrough to the new train hall.

The Federal Railroad Administration needs to complete more steps, including an environmental impact statement, before the project enters the final design phase and construction, according to Griffin.“


It’s good that it isn’t replacing the original,that’s one of the best stations in the nation