Status of 151East 60th Street

Good Morning,
I’m considering a purchase in One Beacon Court (151 East 58th Street). The unit I’m considering faces North and West. The views are fantastic but I’m concerned how long they will stay this way. To the north, we see 2 vacant lots. I read on this Forum that a Super Tall had been approved but the deal fell apart.

Does anyone know what is currently under consideration for this lot…or how I can find out?
I don’t want to pay what is a heavy premium (imho) for this apartment if its view will be compromised.
Thank you.

A tower will eventually rise on that block, but that’s many years from now. Given the uncertainty about the placement of the tower on the block, I wouldn’t let it influence a prospective home purchase. Also, a stunning new tower would raise neighborhood property values (and views), given the block today is mostly dilapidated.

By uncertainty, do you mean size and scale of prospective tower? Do you know how I can find out the current status for this parcel?

I have also observed another open but smaller lot on East 59th between Park and Lexington. Are you familiar with this site?
Thank you.