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Harbor Point developer applies for zoning approval for mixed-use development south of I-95

Gateway proposal includes 2 office buildings, 200 housing units

By Elizabeth Kim, Staff Writer
Published 10:15 pm, Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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STAMFORD – The developer of Harbor Point has requested zoning approvals for an $80 million mixed-used development on a roughly six-acre lot bordering Washington Boulevard and the Metro-North Railroad platform.

Known as Gateway, the project calls for 474,000 square feet of commercial space in two 10-story office buildings and 200 housing units, of which 25 will be built in the first phase. In keeping with the requirements of the zone, known as the Transportation Center Design District, 12 percent of the residences will be designated as affordable.

The property lies just south of Interstate 95, at a high-profile nexus of downtown Stamford that includes the RBS and UBS complexes.

“It is our view that this corner is a very important corner as you arrive in Stamford,” said John Freeman, a spokesman for the developer, Building and Land Technology. “Our development will complement UBS, RBS and Metro Center by completing the fourth corner at this key intersection, with a development that creates a real destination for rail commuters and pedestrians.”

Led by Carl Kuehner, the Norwalk-based development firm estimates that Gateway will generate about $4 million in annual property taxes and more than $1 million in zoning permitting fees.

Preliminary versions of the project were first unveiled last summer. In October, Building and Land Technology won a critical approval for a request to change the city’s master plan after announcing that it had a potential tenant for 250,000 square feet of office space.


possibly two buildings? Dominion is doing something similar with their HQ in Richmond, Virginia.

The new headquarters at 406 Washington Blvd. would comprise a 500,000-square-foot, 15-story building, which is scheduled to be ready for employees in 2019. The company has hired Stamford-based developer Building and Land Technology to build the hub, with an option to expand the site into a two-building campus. The project is scheduled to break ground early next year, immediately following expected land-use approvals.


Stamford is a great little city

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“As construction is well underway on Charter’s new headquarters building at the Gateway property, Charter has filed its application to the city of Stamford for a second building on the site,” the company said in a prepared statement. “Charter is pleased to be growing in Stamford, bringing more jobs and investment to the city.”

The original building, announced in October 2017, consists of 15 stories totaling 500,000 square feet. The new building, if approved, would be nine stories totaling about 300,000 square feet.

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as seen from Metro North yesterday