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Public gets first look at proposed ‘hole in the ground’ development

Posted: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 4:10 pm
By MATT KIERNAN Times Staff Writer

STAMFORD — Local developers are seeking the Zoning Board’s approval to construct a mixed-use development at the “hole in the ground” site at the intersection of Greyrock Place and Tresser Boulevard.

RB Stamford Associates, LLC, is proposing to build a 672-unit apartment complex on the Parcel 38 property, which has been left in development limbo for years.

“I think it’s going to be an excellent project,” said RB Stamford Associates project manager John Wuestneck, on Monday.

Wuestneck and other members of the project’s development team attended the Zoning Board’s meeting in Stamford Government Center for a public hearing that was continued from last week.

Architects and attorneys representing the developers provided renderings of what the development would like when completely finished.

They also answered questions from Zoning Board members regarding the specific details of the complex’s facade and construction materials.

“It’s a cutting edge URL project,” Wuestneck said, referring to the local development company URL Stamford.

The complex will consist of 11 apartment buildings that are five to eight stories tall. The buildings will have a mix of 272 studios, 273 one-bedroom and 127 two-bedroom apartments.

The apartment buildings will be connected in a square-like shape, with one building erected in the center of the 10 other buildings.

Between the center building and the other 10 buildings will be a landscaped courtyard called the “Oasis.”

The 83,000-square-foot outdoor area will include a pool, chess board, fire pit, space for residents to run with their dogs and seating.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” Wuestneck said.

Parking for renters will be available with 571 spaces supporting 85 percent of the apartment units and 672 bicycle rack storage units.

The site will also feature a 5,090-square-foot, small public café at the corner of Greyrock Place and Tresser Boulevard. In nicer weather, the café will offer outdoor seating.

The corner of Tresser Boulevard and Greyrock Place will be enhanced by a rail trail, planted trees, street furniture and sitting areas.

“It’ll take every bit of two years to completely finish the project,” Wuestneck said.

The buildings’ exterior facades will be made of glass, granite, metal panels, some cedar wood and other materials.

“All of these buildings require some maintenance,” said Glenn Haydu, project director of Minno Wakso Architects and Planners, which is handling the development’s architectural designs.

The city’s Planning Board voted unanimously in favor of the project at its regular meeting on May 20.

Last October, former Mayor Michael Pavia announced F.D. Rich Company bought the 4.3-acre site from Milstein Properties for an undisclosed amount.

The F.D. Rich Company has partnered with RB Stamford Associates LLC and New Jersey-based developers Ironstate for the project.

F.D. Rich has built much of downtown Stamford including Stamford Town Center mall, Landmark Square and the Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa.

The Rich family owned Parcel 38 more than 20 years ago. They dug holes for a development’s foundation, but the plans failed to take off.

For the new proposed project, Stamford’s city traffic engineer Mani Poola has asked developers to address traffic signal controls at the four surrounding intersections, medians, sidewalks and crosswalks. The concerns included accessways for disabled people and parking garage access controls for traffic at the property.

“It’s impossible to sustain this list financially,” said attorney William Hennessey of Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP of Stamford, representing the developers.

Hennessey suggested zoning officials meet with city administrators to discuss ways to address traffic control in the area around Parcel 38.

He said his clients may be willing to contribute funds alongside the city to solve traffic issues next to the proposed development.

“I think we’re going to have to have a little more dialogue,” Hennessey said.

Stamford ‘hole in ground’ gets site plan approval

Crystal Kang, Fairfield County Business Journal
Published 10:32 pm, Friday, July 11, 2014

Photo: Lindsay Perry

STAMFORD – Stamford’s storied eyesore, a 4.3-acre excavation that came to be called “the hole in the ground” and was so marketed, has remained undeveloped for more than 20 years. But recently, the city’s Zoning Board approved site plans to turn it into a multimillion-dollar residential project.

“It was a fairly clean approval and there weren’t a lot of conditions that needed to be satisfied,” said Norman Cole, Stamford’s Land Use Bureau chief. “The next step is securing the financing and doing architectural drawings for the buildings.”

Last year, co-developers Stamford-based F.D. Rich Co. and Hoboken, N.J.-based Ironstate Development Co. bought Parcel 38 at the intersection of Greyrock Place and Tresser Boulevard after two years of negotiations. The desired plan was to build an economically viable project that would be set at a fair price for the city’s residents.

RB Stamford Associates LLC, an entity of F.D. Rich Co., and Ironstate have submitted site plans to build a 672-unit residential complex there.

The project would consist of 11 apartment buildings, including 272 studios, 273 one-bedroom and 127 two-bedroom apartments. Ten of the buildings would be connected in a squarish shape with one building jutting out of the middle. The site also would feature a 5,090-square-foot public cafe at the street corner with outdoor seating. The 83,000-square-foot outdoor area would include a pool, chessboard, fire pit and green space.

With zoning entitlements and approval by the city’s Urban Redevelopment Commission in place, the application process for Parcel 38 has “gone smoothly,” and the community has been “generally supportive of it,” said William Hennessey, attorney for the project.

The project has been submitted to the Office of State Traffic Administration and the developers are hopeful it will be approved before Labor Day, Hennessey said.

Thomas L. Rich, CEO of F.D. Rich Co., said he could not give an exact figure of the construction cost, but the total development budget, including land, construction and soft costs, is “north of $100 million.” The project would create about 500 jobs, he added.

Parcel 38 is currently the largest construction project in Stamford, but it certainly isn’t the only residential development that’s booming in Stamford’s downtown, Cole said.

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what a wonderful sight!

A spokesman said there has been “great progress on construction” on the large-scale, mixed-use development, a so-called “Stamford Urby.” It is expected to be completed next summer.


Visited Stamford yesterday, here’s a pic I got of the project. The mall is to the right


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That article mentions that construction for URBY Jersey City (phase II of the three-tower complex) begins “in six weeks”. Great news for JC.

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The downtown core is filling in nicely. I drove by recently. Capelli’s towers have truly beefed up the skyline.

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Came out nice.

More likely they’re talking about Harborside 8

Don’t think it’s Harborside 8, because only Mack-Cali is involved in that one, not Ironstate. Maybe they’re talking about the 532 Summit Ave Urby in Journal Square? I saw them doing geotechnical boring for that one a couple months ago, and Barry had said in February that it would start in the third quarter of 2020 (i.e., by September 30)