STAMFORD| 66 West Park Place | 13 FLOORS

This high-rise will be the 3rd park square west apartment building, this 13 story building will be mixed use with 23,500 sf of commercial use on the first floor.


Stamford in the New York category?

Stamford is a suburb of new york, so yes


Stamford is a suburb, and yet, it’s better than most American “cities”.

The latest proposal for this site is a 10-story extended-stay hotel.


Tullamore LLC, which is affiliated with Greenwich-based Wellbuilt Company, has requested the text change as part of a proposal to build a 10-story, 99-room hotel with ground-floor restaurant space at the site of what is now a parking lot alongside Curley’s Diner.

Currently, Stamford’s zoning regulations require there to be 0.5 parking spaces per room for regular hotels that are within 500 feet of a public garage in the Center City Zoning District and 0.75 spaces per room for extended-stay hotels.

Wellbuilt wants the Zoning Board to be able to reduce the required parking spaces to 0.25 per room — or one space for every four rooms — for hotels with fewer than 100 rooms in total.