SAN FRANCISCO | LOW-RISE / GENERAL Development News + Construction

I got the chance to take a trip to Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island to check out the development going on and I made a little video of my trip… enjoy…


This is pretty massive for the entire transit system, and has big implications for future HSR.

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Hell yes! Here’s the map in question. Still very preliminary but it looks like they’re considering both a double-decker tunnel that would carry both BART and standard gauge rail, as well as constructing two separate tunnels on significantly different alignments. Looks like one major benefit of the two-alignment approach would be the addition of a Mission Bay BART station.


OMG a 4th & King transfer + Transit Center for Caltrain/HSR would be such a game changer. Also, thrilled that they’re considering finally bringing the regional transit into SF and not just stopping at Emeryville. The more I look into this map the more excited I get.