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Genuinely thought this was a late April fool’s joke, typo, or a misreporting, but it seems legitimate. As soon as I see hard evidence that this is being floated, we’ll cover it for YIMBY.


There’s no way that building is 56 stories.

CH’s latest proposal, which uses the state-density bonus law to increase square footage, could potentially be one of the tallest residential projects in San Francisco, boasting up to 56 stories with 10 to 14 feet per floor. The developer’s initial proposal in 2020 called for an eight-story project with 213 units, which was then increased in 2021 to be a 12-story project with 400 apartments.

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Ahh I see

Yeah that’s just the original proposal. They’re apparently trying to build about 3x the units now.

I have no problem densifying the Sunset, but I find this kind of an odd location to try to go so big. On the one hand, the neighborhood has become wildly popular as people have gotten priced out of central neighborhoods. And this location is located on (the terminus of) a Muni line.

But there aren’t exactly any job centers nearby, unless the SF Zoo plans to hire another thousand workers. Surely the areas around SF State, Park Merced, West Portal and the Daly City BART station would more readily support a 640+ unit building.

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Why don’t San Francisco’s municipal leaders and real-estate developers allow for the construction of waterfront high-rises in the western end of Outer Sunset? The Pacific oceanfront could then resemble Lake Shore Drive in Chicago or Collins Avenue in Miami-Dade and become a desirable destination?

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I suppose. But the beach is right there, and in a lot of places that is literally all that is needed. Balneário, Miami, etc

It’s just not that kind of beach. Even in the summer the temps peak in the 50s-60s. It doesn’t have anything like the draw of those examples, on top of being so far removed from the heart of the city.

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True. Still some 50-60 story buildings should be pretty common I think. I mean that’s not egregiously tall

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Agreed. I’m also very excited to see what kind of design may be floated for a skyscraper there. The fog banks could allow for some succulents or other plants that thrive in that environment for an integrated green wall, and they have the modernism from the Third Bay Tradition to play with.

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901 Market Street

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