Poll: Which NY skyline do you prefer Aesthetically: Lower Manhattan/Midtown/LIC/DoBro

4 Choices:

  1. Lower Manhattan (Downtown)
  2. Midtown
  3. DoBro
  4. LIC

I’m curious to hear some responses.

IMO, I’d have to say on a pure aesthetic basis, Lower Manhattan takes the cake. It’s almost like a triangle in its form. Building up, step by step, until it is perfect balanced by 1 WTC from East/West flanks. It has very good balance and the bay further adds to its dynamic nature.


I rewrote this message 5 times changing my mind
but in the end it has to be lower manhattan, it’s just such a satisfying skyline
although midtown viewed from central park is a very close contender and will definetely top lower manhattan once everything is built imo


Thanks for the reply.

Lower Manhattan (Downtown)

I lived in LIC for 2 years and just moved to Sunnyside. While it’s pretty awesome to see all the towers rise, it feels so inorganic and a cash grab.

Perhaps when 9 Dekalb is built DoBro may inch up, but I don’t think it can overtake FIDI.

I like Lower Manhattan because before I like twin towers WTC and I still miss towers. Midtown Manhattan too much buildings, crowd people like Times Square UH the worse uncomfortable!.

Lower has that charm. That old feeling ya know. I kinda get the sense of more history compared to Midtown.

In terms of chaotic beauty and energy, Midtown is the winner. For a more relaxed vibe, South of Canal is where its at.


oh I see…