Perfect Pairs, Twins and Duos

There are a large amount of buildings that look great standing alone and dominant, or are perfect thanks to all of their surroundings helping it to fit, a filler of sorts. However what I think doesn’t get enough attention are the twin buildings or duos, that are built together or built to complement the other, and fit beautifully with their environment, complement each other or stand out nicely. (of course the twin towers are the most common and generic example) so I’ll post a few pictures of others.

Here’s a start
Thames Twins, 111 and 115 Broadway, 1905 and 1907

Singer Building, 1908-1969, and City Investing Building, 1908-1968

Battery Park and Chesebrough Buildings, 1898/1899-1966

Feel free to post more or other pictures of the ones shown above.