NEW YORK | World Trade Center District

Taken on 5/8/24


Looks like the one pool at the 9/11 memorial is getting a deep clean. You can easily see whether the floor was power washed or not too. Removal of the lights is also evident on the right side of the photo.


Looking good! When I was down there last month I was told the fountain is getting a deep cleaning through the next few months as it’s not yet been done since they turned them on back in 2011. They said it will be back on by or before the anniversary. The South fountain is next in September.


Taken on 5/21/24


Pics by Mulan M.


What did you guys think about other early proposals for WTC site?..After looking at some of them I really wish they went with Norman Foster’s concept - Kissing Towers. I think they would be instant icon…I also wish they kept one superblock and even extend it over West side highway.

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Here you can see more about it:

I especially like how the whole complex is designed on the ground. You can see that there would be a park over West Side Highway. I don’t understand why they couldn’t make at least that. If the Kissing Towers had also an antenna on top of them, it would IMHO be the best design of this whole complex…But the current one is the second best option from all the proposals I have seen. I just wish they would already build it.

The proposal likely was not chosen because it would have involved more entities than any proposal that just involved the original 16 acre site, building over the WSH would have involved NYCDOT and the city of NY as well as needing to have involved cooperation from the previous developer/owner of the WFC to build on their land, land which was not owned by the PANYNJ nor Silverstein. Many more agencies and people come into play when you begin involving things outside of your reach/site boundary in planning.


Ok, I understand that there was a lot of politics involved in this whole project. Also, the US is a very economically driven society and doesn’t just build to show off, BUT if there was just one place where you should have gone big and ignored everything else like financing, and profitability etc it is ground zero…This whole superblock as a park with a memorial, museums, and new skyscrapers would be amazing.


Ive always been intrigued by the gigantic August 2003 iteration of the Freedom Tower but I’ve never seen a proper rendering of it. I also kind of like the Childs design with the corner spire but think it wouldve looked out of place on the skyline


I think that when it comes to Freedom Tower/One WTC, the current design is probably the best one (I just wish it was taller-roof to 1776tf). Although if the August 2003 proposal had a spire on top of it, it would also look cool.


Forgot to post before, but the live wall has returned to WTC!


And it has a coordinated style, I like it. It wasn’t like that before, right?


Update on the north pool. Looks like it should be back in action soon. The lights are back in place and they were working on the stone the past few days


RIP Fumihiko Maki. 4WTC provides a tranquil and reflective corner of the complex. A building that can blend in effortlessly and a respectful deference for its surroundings.


I knew I seen this exact design somewhere else

Source: One World Trade Center Biography of the Building by Judith Dupré, HEAVILY suggested book


Man - we are really lucky we wound up with the current 1 WTC vs these other designs. Nothing could replace the originals but at least 1 WTC pays true homage to the twins - sharing the same height and it strikingly resembles the North Tower from the N & S. These other designs are cool but would be ridiculous here.


I know this will intrigue some people


Found a bit more of that megatall 2003 design. Still very hard for me to comprehend the general form of this thing. Apparently the observation deck would’ve been at 1776 feet