NEW YORK | The Spiral (66 Hudson Blvd) | 1,040 FT | 66 FLOORS

In the earliest renders the base had landscaped terraces facing Hudson Boulevard, but in the final built version the facade facing the Hudson Boulevard park is almost completely featureless blue glass, with a small cutout where the “spiral” pattern continues on the south side of the base (facing 34th Street).

This was an unfortunate change because now the west side of the base is largely an unappealing glass wall, even though that’s the part of the building the public will interact with the most, due to the presence of the park, Vessel, and subway station to the west.

Early models with terraces on the west side of the base:

And here’s the west facade of the finished product, photo by @Nickfloyo Aug. 7



Yeah, that was the iteration before the whole building was just flipped around, I don’t know why it was flipped around though (and everything kept the same) because your point is valid about the interaction on the front entrance. But the terraces on the podium are also no longer deep bays, only surface balconies that are barely inset from the street wall. There won’t be trees on them anymore, but there may still be vines on the railings.

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This is a really beautiful building.

Exciting times ahead! :smiley:

Replica Buildings makes fantastic models, definitely worth it. And for this tower, I’m loving it a lot! The spiral effect and the vegetation is what sells me, along with the lighting at night


I agree with you 100%. 66 Hudson Blvd has a classic charm all its own.


Usually I’d agree, I just ordered my 15th model. I know some previous models have had design errors in the past, but on this one they missed the whole top middle spiral. It just bugs my OCD too much lol. I reached out to them about it and they said that if they make a mold in a larger scale or reissue it in the future that they’d fix it though. Here’s hoping they do! I’d love to add this building to my collection


I don’t understand what is missing from the pewter model. Mine has 3 spirals circling the tower, just like the renderings and the photos I have seen.

Never mind. I see what you are saying. The balconies are there, but the recessed condition at the balconies is missing from one side.