NEW YORK | Skycraper Museum Exhibit


A new form in skyscraper history has evolved in New York over the past decade: the super-slim, ultra-luxury residential tower. These pencil-thin periscopes — all 50 to 90+ stories — use a development and design strategy of slenderness to pile their city-regulated maximum square feet of floor area (FAR) as high in the sky to as possible to create luxury apartments defined by spectacular views. The basic, yet complex principles of the economics, engineering, and design of this new type of super-slender towers were detailed in The Skyscraper Museum’s 2013/14 exhibition SKY HIGH & the Logic of Luxury, which is archived in full text and images here.

This new chart and the grid of images below updates the exhibition’s list and includes 18 slender towers that in May 2016 were either completed or in early stages of construction. The defining characteristic of these new towers is not height, but slenderness. Slenderness is a proportion based on the width of the base to the height of the building. A tower can be very tall, but not slender, and it can be slender without being very tall.


The world trade center in that background seems too wide and too tall to me. But I love the whole thing. Really shows how slim they all are.

I think 1 WTC is pretty close roof is right at 1350 feet in the pic.

Here’s a high resolution image of the same one above. Its 2595x3373

Be sure to click twice to get the full height and make it full screen or f11

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I was just thinking that it would be awesome for a dev to create a crown for a supertall that looks like the Eye of Sauron.

They could suspend glass between the crown and have lighting turn it red at night… randomly. Like maybe on Halloween and when they just feel like scaring the sh!t out of people.


Hah that would be a sight indeed. I fear that too many LOTR enthusiasts would make a pilgrimage to the tower in search of mount doom.