NEW YORK | Penn Station Expansion/Improvements

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Elevator is out of service. So much for Amtrak’s promotion of “ADA accessibility.”


A didactic critique of the reopened entrance at Seventh Avenue and West Thirty-second Street


The controversial planned $17 billion expansion of Penn Station could be avoided — saving taxpayers cash and three midtown blocks from the wrecking ball — but only if the MTA, New Jersey Transit and Amtrak agreed to work together, a Post investigation found.

The MTA and NJ Transit — which operate the region’s commuter railroads — each prepared plans that collectively could double the number of trains Penn Station can fit, which experts and activists said would alleviate the need for the new terminal.

But the Post’s investigation — which examined 1,000 pages of engineering reports and diagrams, many of which have never been made public — shows that when combined, the two shelved-plans would likely reach the sought-after 48-train mark and shave some $10 billion from the price tag.

Both plans were disqualified for failing to meet the 48 trains-per-hour standard when they were considered in isolation — as Amtrak and the other two transit behemoths pushed for the “Penn Expansion.”

The problem with the alternate proposals is the fractious relationship between the MTA and NJT, as well as Amtrak, which owns Penn Station, according to interviews with experts, officials, and activists.

The various railroads cooperating?

There is a better chance of men walking on the surface of Uranus or Venus in our lifetime than something like that happening.


More food options are reopening in the upgraded LIRR concourse


Omgggg yes, that’s what I’m getting for dinner tonight

I don’t know why but this reminds me of the MilkPlus bar from Clockwork Orange.

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Westchester County Executive George Latimer Advocates for Comprehensive Study on Hudson Line Access to Penn Station (

Latimer wants the MTA to undertake a comprehensive study to evaluate the feasibility and potential benefits of establishing West Side Access from Westchester and the Bronx on the Hudson Line to Penn Station. The existing Amtrak line in the corridor presents a strategic opportunity to leverage the infrastructure for the benefit of the communities along the Hudson River.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said: “As the fastest growing big city in New York State and the gateway to the Hudson Valley, Yonkers support Westchester County’s quest to expand transportation access to the metropolitan area. I commend County Executive Latimer for advocating for our residents and businesses that will result in economic growth and improved quality of life. Together, we can make access to Penn Station a reality.”

Nothing has been formally proposed, but it would involve running Metro North trains via the Empire Connection (green line in the map below) between Spuyten Duyvil (Bronx) and Pennsylvania Station. Location of new stations in Manhattan (if any) is still to be determined, along with whether the line would be electrified.

source: Penn Station Access - Wikipedia


A summary of what eateries are already open and which will open within the coming months.



Metro North service to Penn Station will likely be pushed back to 2028 at the earliest

Transit officials previously estimated the new rail link would be finished in 2027, but MTA spokesperson Joe O’ Donnell cast doubt on that date during Wednesday’s hearing.

“Obviously, we are developing and constructing this project inside the existing Amtrak right of way, so we’re contingent or beholden to Amtrak for access,” O’Donnell said. “So there may be updates on that schedule to come.”


Will the new North Portal Bridge open by end of 2026? Time will tell.

Self-congratulatory press release:


Anybody know when there going to reveal the new Penn station redesign plane?

@TKDV after seeing your pics - I wanted to experience it myself.
I have to say the transformation is awesome.
I used to work in the area and always tried to avoid it. Now it looks like a place I will like to hang around.

One big improvement is how the treated the floor in the new plaza - really well done - I think in many cases this element of the design is not addressed with the same importance as others.


I was there yesterday to see the difference - I exited Penn from the enterance there. On my last visit everything was scaffolded up. It looks really nice now. There is some work going on but the impact is marginal compared to what it was like before.


Disco balls?

They have delicious chicken tenders! Definitely worth a visit


Madison Square Garden Renovation proposal by spector companies.



I appreciate that the Hulu Theatre has been removed from MSG in this proposal, allowing for a large, more proper entrance into Penn and the inclusion of windows. Helps remedy the whole “basement of MSG” feel it currently has.