NEW YORK | Penn 15 (401 7th Ave) | 1,200 FT | 61 FLOORS

Not sure if you’re kidding or for real, but it would be great to see this space programmed.

There will be temporary 1 story retail build out, to what extent im not sure, but retail is being built.


Do you have any source for the planned 1-story retail build-out?

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In a case like this do they go ahead and put in the foundation for the future tower? I’m thinking of the placeholder they put up for the B of A building.

The foundations for the future tower will not be laid until it is built. So for the time being, a so called Tax-Buyer Building is being built here, so we have to wait a bit until the construction of Penn 15 begins.

From SSP over NYguy

On SSP NEW YORK | 15 Penn Plaza (Hotel Penn) | 1,200 FT / 388 M | 61 FLOORS - Page 105 - SkyscraperPage Forum


I think it varies from building to building, and the condition of the market’s as well (I’m sure Silverstein didn’t expect 2WTC to remain a stunp for as long as it has after building out the foundations to street level).

But as Vornado has already expressed, they do not have any solid plans for their Penn Station redevelopment projects, Penn 15 included. So it would be unwise of them to build out the foundation without knowing for sure if they want to move forward or not with the project in the future. But also since the current building was only demolished to ground level that would complicate things to try and build the foundation with current infrastructure and structure left below ground from Hotel Penn.

As Mackensen shared above from NYguy (though im not sure about the “tax buyer building” part) the document is slightly difficult to understand what exactly is being built, and it seems like the below grade floors will be retrofitted for retail beside the new 1 story addition, that still is not clear to what extent or temporary state it will be built out to. Though I read the full transcript and document so it makes more sense, slightly.


My real question is do you think they would go ahead with the Gimbels tunnel or wait?

That’s a good question that I am unsure of for a solid answer, it’d be nice for them to reopen it now, but they may wait until Penn 15 actually starts construction since the temporary condition now would require it to be closed again when the basement levels are subsequently demolished.

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Did you mean “taxpayer building” or “tax buyer building”?


Thanks for bringing that up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Taxpayer Building :+1:

Thank you, when the Imperial Hotel (below the Herald Square) had to be demolished in 1947 a one-story building replaced the old hotel.

It seems there will not be a casino at this site.


This seems to contradict what we’ve heard recently about Vornado’s plans to build a placeholder building, but it’s nonetheless a glimmer of hope that this won’t remain a vacant lot for much longer:

Foster + Partners is also about to commence construction on their PENN 15 supertall opposite the station at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue early next year.