NEW YORK | 111 Wall Street (Renovation) | 344 FT | 24 FLOORS

As 2 Penn Plaza undergoes its own extensive renovation, this office tower of the same era is doing the same. It is a staple on the Lower Manhattan waterfront flanking Brooklyn Heights.

Manhattan New York City NY by half21st, on Flickr


Nice to see something to modernize that 70s/80s waterfront row south of the seaport. I’m sure this will turn out nicely. Now if only they’d reskin 180 maiden lane north of 120 Wall, and finish or demolish the leaning tower, maybe this skyline would look half decent. As it stands, it’s nowhere near as pretty as the view from the Hudson

that whole swath of buildings sticking out north of 120 Wall is so genuinely deplorable and I would love to see them taken care of, especially that ugly glass octagon thing. This building was a pretty decent looking one though and I’m glad they’re giving it a good renovation.

That whole area is in need of some modernization (of course, some buildings should be preserved to maintain historical character.) Some should even be demolished and replaced with newer, more modern supertalls. I respect the architectural context of the neighborhood, however, a few supertalls would be cool to have in that general area.

45 Broad would’ve been so freaking cool! That was one of my favorite proposals.


45 Broad is happening, at some point. Just not yet.

But yeah, the whole area needs a refresh, including (hopefully) some supertalls.

Lower Manhattan skyline by Al, on Flickr