NEW YORK | Metropolitan Future Skyline Photo Collection

What? River side Plaza is a good vision.


Ok, I don’t know what you’re exactly trying to say here. But anyways, so what I’m hearing here is that you don’t mind posting the Riverside Plaza here because it’s a “good vision”, yet want to police spam other concepts or visions that you claimed, “don’t belong in this thread/off-topic”. Got it.

I wonder if there’s any update on that site that has yet to be redeveloped. :slight_smile:

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Forgot to mention that I just reviewed his Instagram account, and he makes pretty good concepts, most of them look like it’s already in real life or even google earth/maps. :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah his stuff is super high quality. I DMed him and apparently it’s just a hobby.

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Ah, that’s understandable. And indeed these concepts are really high quality that it looks cursed (in a good way) :slight_smile:

Not my best work, but NYMAN on Flickr posted this amazing shot of the skyline, and I wanted to add 270 and 175 Park.


Hey, here is my newest YouTube video about future NYC developments. The video is meh. I did use some photos from yimby forums and I made sure I gave credit in the description. Go check it out if you want


Missing credits for myself, Xing_Lin (or ThreeWentDown), and I believe JCHeights as well. Xing Lin is missing from the previous video as well :+1:. Otherwise nice little video updates.

As for the reasoning behind the height cut towards 262 5th Ave, it wasn’t because it’s close proximity to the ESB, it was just cut short for all we know at the moment, but not because of the aforementioned reasoning.


Nice job, liked the music.


Thanks for the clarification! I will fix that

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Nice work!

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The Wikipedia page for tallest buildings in the us is very outdated, specifically the proposed/under construction section

I’ll take a crack and add some missing projects but if anyone wants to expand please feel free, I feel like so many new projects get announced and things like this get missed


Renderings made from @baronson’s spectacular panorama photo:
With currently U/C buildings

Link to full-res rendering
With U/C and proposed

Link to full-res rendering
Baronson’s original:


Awesome! :heart_eyes:


This is so awesome!! Thanks for posting.

I actually just uh… reuploaded that panorama in place on Flickr because I noticed that the top floors and crown of the Spiral were stitched incorrectly and caused it to lean to the left a few degrees. I was trying to let it go but yeah my brain wouldn’t let me haha.


Oh dang, I see it now! I’ve updated my renderings with the fixed stitch now.