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That project is a Mount Sinai project, but its not the same one as the thread is about. :+1:

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Oh, wrong topic, can you please tell me the right topic so I can move my post to the right topic.

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I’m not aware if the project (or any other Mount Sinai project) has its own thread, but it seems MS projects have just been posted to the NY general/lowrise thread.

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For a separate topic on Mount Sinai, are there still several projects there?

I dont believe so, it was just the one this thread is based on and the new Cancer Center.

That’s a proposed recladding of 1450 Madison Avenue? It’s in East Harlem and not UES.

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You’re right that the main Mount Sinai campus is just a few blocks out of the UES boundary into East Harlem. :+1:

I’d say it’s more than just a reclad though because new additions are being built onto the existing building and the interior is being fully gutted. The reclad is just the most prominent feature, but if you told me it was just a reclad after it’s completed, I wouldn’t believe you. :sweat_smile:


Why do people object to stuff like this? Are the getting tax credits from the city or something?

2226 third avenue

source DXA Studio (@dxastudio) • Instagram photos and videos


347 flushing avenue

source FRW Architects (@frw.architects) • Instagram photos and videos


21 W 17th St


Wasn’t sure where to post this. East River greenway in progress near the Williamsburg Bridge.


Is that this?

Thought about it but it’s definitely not in Midtown.

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The East Midtown Greenway is one part of the larger (conceptual) East River Greenway. The topic thread could be expanded to all, or a new topic made. Feels like it’s worthwhile.


Not sure if this has its own thread, but the North Brooklyn Community Boathouse at 51 Ash street in Greenpoint is one of the strangest buildings I’ve seen recently:


Anyone know what the deal is with this section of Park Avenue? Is there a project to improve it? I feel like it has been an eyesore forever.