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To all the people on here taking pics of construction sites.


Some developments I came across while on Gun Hill Road in the Bronx.



I can’t for the life of me remember what development this was. Two high rises u/c in Coney Island. Possibly might be one of the Surf Avenue developments. Lower center left. Cranes visible.

Credit: A Japanese Walking around New York


Those buildings are 1515 Surf Ave.

I guess the cathedral has given up on finishing the original plans but the copper dome looks really good.

I think they gave up on that years ago in the early 90s after the very very small addition to the south bell tower was halted. It is a pity that it can’t be finished as originally intended as it would have been an extremely extraordinary site to see. :man_shrugging:

I know all of you have such pressing questions to ask so go ask them on my IG stories before I see questions pop up here that are answered all over the place that could’ve been asked there with a straight answer… :thinking:

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That first one is 743 E Gun Hill Road (New Building Permit Filed for 743 E Gun Hill Rd in Williamsbridge, Bronx - Marketproof Blog). Eight floors and 143 units. Very close to both subway and Metro North stations.

The second one (corner lot where construction has not yet commenced) is 1015 E Gun Hill Road (Permits Filed for 1015 East Gun Hill Road in Williamsbridge, The Bronx - New York YIMBY). Seven floors and 84 units.

The third one, to the right of AAMCO, where construction has reached the fifth floor, is 1039 E Gun Hill Road ( Seven floor and 79 units.

So this transit-rich part of the Bronx is densifying at last!

321-325 West 42nd Street

This is just to the north of the bus terminal.

It will be interesting to see if these get demolished and a larger building is put in their place.

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2226 Third Avenue, East Harlem


57 Marcus Garvey Blvd ‘The Atrium’



In the borough where kids have the highest asthma rates it makes perfect sense that the children’s museum would be at the junction of two expressway overpasses.

I’m hoping they redevelop and raze the entire waterfront. This way it becomes a community of its own blocked off by the treachery across the highway. (lol)

Renderings appeared not too long ago for the proposed development of 445 Fifth Avenue In Park Slope.

Last year:


Couldn’t get a photo of the rendering, but piling/excavation has begun.


Is this the rendering you saw for 429 2nd Avenue? Did it have the triangular prism?

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That should be the one, yes.
If you really zoom in, you can kind of make out the rendering on the left.