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Thanks for sharing. I’d like to have a job naming buildings all day. Some of these are out there and choosing random adjectives and others are not creative and just steal the namesake of the location they are at with the presumption they are worthy.

27-09 40th Ave / “Noble”
No YIMBY Thread

40-46 24th St / “Mason”
No YIMBY Thread

24-01 Queens Plaza North / “Radiant”
No YIMBY Thread
No website yet, designed by ODA

25-01 Queens Plaza North / “Link”
Yimby Thread: NEW YORK | 25-01 Queens Plaza North | 311 FT | 26 FLOORS
Interesting that it is called this since there is a Linc LIC by Rockrose a few blocks over.

29-10 Northern Blvd / 29-00 Queens Blvd “Queens Plaza”
Yimby Thread: NEW YORK | (QPX) 29-00 Queens Boulevard | 525 FT | 50 FLOORS
This will close out the gap the 7 train runs through from Sunnyside Yards.

40-25 Crescent St / “No Name”
No YIMBY Thread or website

Here’s some maps of the area this article is discussing:


Looking East

Looking Southeast

Looking Southwest

Looking West