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And just maybe the prestige of it being the ESB, the most famous office building in the world.

What are some differences between the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building that allows the Empire State Building to have nearly full occupancy during the pandemic. The opposite was true during the Depression where the Empire State Building was nearly empty and the Chrysler Building had pretty full occupancy. However, the observation decks on top of the Empire State Building made a lot of money during those years and kept the building afloat while declining revenue caused the Chrysler Building to close it’s observation deck in 1945.


Easiest answer is that while the Empire State Building are similar ages, the ESB has floorplates that are more comparable to today’s typical office floor plate sizes. Add to the fact that there have been multiple renovations to bring lifts/interior logistics up to today’s standards its fairly clear. Chrysler building would likely be better as a mixed use building with the lower podium remaining office and the upper levels converted to resi or a hotel


Have always thought the same thing. The upper floors of the Chrysler Building would make for fantastic high-end residential or hospitality.


The Empire State Building underwent improvements in 2019 that included adding new exhibit spaces and making the 102nd floor floor to ceiling glass to compete with the other observation decks. The large floorplates even on the upper floors of the Empire State Building make a residential or hotel conversion cost prohibitive and the Empire State Building has nearly full office occupancy. Shows you that the Empire State Building was ahead of it’s time when built.

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What are some examples of amenities that the Empire State Building has that the Chrysler Building does not have


Do you know what is happening with the observation deck that is planned.

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