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Obviously a megatall is ambitious, but 600 - 700 ft? Doubtful. At least this will be a supertall.

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it all depends on the programming of the build. It’s not going to be anything like that NIMBY propaganda that only uses like 20% of the site’s footprint.


Maybe. We’ll see.
Regardless I just want some info, what is extell currently doing? Just waiting? Are they making plans? The silence is kinda annoying

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Extell is too busy with their weird 740 Eighth St proposal (joking of course). But in general they do have a great number of projects currently ongoing atm, so I don’t blame them for maybe not prematurely releasing so much info about this project.

But I also agree with Hudson, the height will completely be dependent on the program, though the aforementioned render was of a different development that was also sold by Silverstein so it’s possible to dismiss that for height reference.

^ Get used to the silent treatment, Extell didn’t reveal renders for One57 or CPT until those towers were well under construction!


I hate that nonsense. It should be required that they release at least preliminary renders of the project before it goes above ground


@mtoltethys The photo you shared has basically what will most likely be built on 9th Avenue.


Don’t forget 270 Park, even though thats Foster. And the renderings were anounced to be revealed when the old tower was gone (though the new structure was already forming up on the site)


Btw I realized that the possible development we were talking about is as of right.

So is a transit bonus FAR situation for this site possible?

I cannot wait to see what this plot of land will bring. Especially considering it’s as of right.


Unfortunately, as of right seems to mean very little in New York these days, Nimbys today still manage to delay and chop down as of right projects, it seems.

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I will close this topic until we get new renderings or information. Why does 1500 feet have to be given again and again, although we have no information what is planned here?