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Please don’t let Solow place a glass slab adjacent to the UN, SOM. Other architects have been coming up with such great futurist-inspired designs for the area.
This building will probably come with quite the girth so I don’t expect much. At least give it a good facade.


Perhaps development on this long dormant site is finally ready to start? The author in the curbed article implies that construction on the site has begun, but I live nearby and haven’t noticed any unusual activity the last few days.


Some more substance on the East Side would be well worth it. From new, public spaces such as this plaza shown below, to the two small promenade spaces shown in the second and third photos, it’s sorely needed. Also, some additional density on 1st Avenue will give the East Side a definitive metropolitan edge.


Speaking of a slab right next to the UN building, what about the UN building itself? I’ve never liked how it looked.

Some more of the renderings…


What is this? Is this a new development?

Nope. Just some renderings of this development itself.

What is the state of this development site?

it’s a vast, empty lot overrun with grass.


This site has been dead for years. Tons of proposal over the years but nothing concrete

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Does it have any developers?

Solow owns it it but there hasn’t been any news for years

I wonder if this site would be a good size for a stadium


Hopefully these towers will start to rise now that Solow Group has new leadership.

Sheldon Solow passed last year, and his son took over.

Great spot for a new MSG!

Stefan Soloviev is likely still getting his ducks in a row, but he’s got the ambitions to become a bigger version of Gary Barnett if he plays his cards right.

Would they even allow a stadium that close to the UN building?

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Would be a nice setting, but like with Hudson Yards, it’s limited use. You’ll only have so many days of proper, real use out of the year with a stadium, but 365 days of use with offices/residential/retail. It is a great bargaining chip though for extra density.