NEW YORK | 5 WTC (130 Liberty St) | 920 FT | FLOORS

Confirmation a Pedestrian Bridge will connect Liberty Park to 5 WTC “hotel like entry lobby”. From KPF’s website:


Of course I know they aren’t seriously being considered but here’s two of the “proposed” plans for the 100% affordable housing

I like the current design more, but these are interesting!! The zig-zag theme reminds me of those two towers being built on Long Island.

I hope all of these proposals incorporate some sort of night lighting (anything is acceptable.) The WTC despite its prominence kind of cheaped out on looking cool at night… (3 WTC especially)

5 WTC inches forward….


New renderings


Any more new images?

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12 passenger elevators plus two service. That’s more than I’ve ever seen in an apartment building, damn

That is a lot. I used to live in the Gehry building — which is absolutely massive — and even that only had ten regular passenger elevators.

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I heard from some other former residents that that place sucked to live in— what’s your take? I think it’s worth questioning the limits of living in such large single buildings

Oh really? No, we liked it there. We probably would have stayed if there hadn’t been such amazing deals elsewhere during the height of the pandemic. And they did very little to try to keep us. (A $1000 Amazon gift card is nice and all, but compared to six months free rent? HA!)


Where were they giving out six months? I got 2 months off for an 18 month lease in June 2020…