NEW YORK | 45 Broad St | 1,039 FT | 68 FLOORS (ON HOLD)

Good to hear they’re still trying to build this. Lower Manhattan really needs some new tall development.

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Hopefully this, 80 South and 2 WTC all go through.
I’m confident in all of them but this one is the most shaky. Good to hear they still plan to go through with it. (Emphasis on plan)

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This screengrab came from the zoning lot site plan from their most recent renewal


I heard through the grapevine that 55 Broad will undergoing a conversion to residential. Also heard that 45 Broad is still on hold. But as the zoning renewal indicates, 45 Broad is not dead.

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Basically confirmed what I thought. The roof is the lower number that was thrown around here earlier. It will be 1,066 ft. But the total height will be around 1,127 ft or taller.


Yeah 55 Broad is undergoing a resi conversion. I had heard that it could have been redeveloped possibly? No idea though.

And yeah 45 Broad is still on hold but this shows they still have intent to build it.

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55 Broad won’t be razed and redeveloped, but a few floors will be added.


It’s kinda crazy that when this was supposed to be finished up (in 2019) it was going to be the city’s sixth tallest building. A spot which will now be held by 250 Park Ave, at almost 1,400 ft. Not to mention the various proposals which will almost force 250 Park off the top ten list.

And yet we still don’t have an 1,800 ft building to force 1 WTC off the top.


55 Broad Street is ugly and should be razed. These ugly mid-century boxes all need to go and be replaced with nicer things. Hopefully, they at least re-skin it if they decide to ‘add a few floors’

things are finally coming to fruition. I would totally snag a unit once this is built, considering they’re converting FiDi residential at a fast pace. Not to mention, a new Whole Foods will be opening down there.

Good to know this project isn’t stagnated.


Unsure what will happen to the facade. Will report back when I get news on that.

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Per NYguy:


Received Date: 07/13/2022
Entered Date: 07/13/2022

Structure Type: Building
Structure Name: 45 Broad Street, NW Corner 227

Structure Height: 1039


Another 1,000 footer for the capital of the world.


And now I’m happy to finally see this beautiful building come to fruition. I could cry. I hope they stick with the previous renderings. So many buildings in NYC are popping up.



It’s shorter than I wanted, but the design is still good and it’s still a supertall.

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Is this just a tease or is it really happening? If it is going forward I hope it is not redesigned or value engineered beyond recognition.

nothing is happening. The developers are just renewing the FAA approvals. Happens everywhere, especially down in Miami with all of their pipeline supertalls.


With the status of 125 Greenwich St up in the air, as well as all of the other condos coming on line downtown, I would venture to say that this tower will never see the light of day, at least not in the next decade.

Oh, I almost forgot, and 45 Park Place also.