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Permits Filed: 45 Park Place


45 Park Place – via Google Maps

The first permits are up for a new residential tower at 45 Park Place, which is located one block west of The Woolworth Building and 30 Park Place. The Commercial Observer first reported on the site’s potential earlier this month, when it was announced that Michel Abboud of SOMA would serve as the design architect; Ismael Leyva is the architect of record.

The DOB filings list the project’s height at 39 stories and 597 feet, and the building will only have 48 units; the project will clearly be very high-end. 45 Park Place will have 118,105 square feet in total, including 1,057 square feet of ground-floor retail; those numbers translate into an average of approximately 2,400 square feet per residence, which is particularly impressive for Lower Manhattan.

Given the data behind the project, it appears that 45 Park Place may become one of the most expensive residential buildings below 57th Street. The development will have a boutique appeal uncommon to large high-rise developments in Lower Manhattan, and besides generous floor-plans, ceiling heights will cater to super-luxe buyers. The immediate location is slightly removed from prime Tribeca real estate, but a stellar design could compensate for that shortcoming.

45 Park Place — aerial via Google Maps

While renderings remain hidden, other sliver-towers could hint at the development’s eventual appearance, which will probably be glassy. Even at 600 feet tall, 45 Park Place will barely impact the overall skyline, though a relative lack of high-rises to the north will ensure some visibility for the structure — as well as comprehensive views from within.

Per the Commercial Observer, completion is slated for 2017.

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I love this tower, and NY warrants more Islamic cultural centers.

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Meanwhile, Michel Abboud of SOMA Architects and Ismael Leyva Architects are designing the 665-foot-high condo tower at 45 Park Place, which is being marketed by Stribling & Associates. Construction on the tower is slated to kick off next year and be completed in 2017.

New Look: 45 Park Place


45 Park Place, image by SOMA

YIMBY came across a fresh set of renderings for Sharif el-Gamal’s 45 Park Place, via architect SOMA’s website, and the images give a much clearer depiction of the soon-to-be 39-story tower. Curbed had an early look this last summer, and permits for the project went up in May.

45 Park Place, image by SOMA

While 39 stories is not an impressive figure, the actual building height will be 597 feet, indicating impressive ceiling heights. Still, even at 600 feet, the tower will fall short of making a significant impact on the Downtown skyline, as giants like 30 Park Place, 56 Leonard, and 101 Murray are rising in all directions.

45 Park Place, image by SOMA

SOMA’s design rises in a piecemeal fashion, defined by sharp angles and gradual setbacks; the tower bends outwards as it climbs, seemingly leaning over Park Place, before culminating in a series of lattice-like crowns.

45 Park Place, image by SOMA

Permits indicate the entirety of the project will measure 118,105 square feet, and the residential portion will be split between 48 units, averaging 2,400 square feet each. With the amount of new development in the neighborhood, competition will be intense, but 45 Park Place is of a more intimate scope than the near-supertalls rising nearby, which could give it a relative advantage.

45 Park Place, image by SOMA

Demolition permits for the existing structure were filed in April, and with the building already covered in shrouding, SOMA’s vision should be moving forward shortly.


Demolition to commence at 45 Park Place

Soho Properties has received demolition permits for the site at 45 Park Place, according to the city’s Department of Buildings. The permits allow for the the wrecking of a five-story as well as a four-story building.

The firm, run by Sharif El-Gamal, plans to begin removal of the exterior details of the existing building as early as next Monday, a spokeswoman for Mr. El-Gamal said. Full demolition is slated to begin shortly thereafter, paving the way for development of a condominium tower and then the Jean Nouvel-designed museum, Mr. El-Gamal’s spokeswoman indicated.

“The commencement of demolition represents an important milestone for us in the development of 45 Park Place—the first step in the realization of something truly extraordinary and a contribution to the renaissance of Tribeca and Lower Manhattan,” Mr. Sharif said in a prepared statement. Soho Properties filed plans with the city for the project’s construction in May, as Commercial Observer previously reported.

Designed by architect Michel Abboud of SOMA Architects, with Ismael Leyva Architects, the residential building will be a concrete tower with glass curtain wall facade, Mr. El-Gamal’s spokeswoman said. The residential tower will rise 665 feet. Construction is slated to begin this year and occupancy is slated for 2017. The museum will be completed shortly after the residential building.

Park51 officially opened its doors as a cultural and community center at 45-51 Park Place in September 2011, a year after controversy ensued following announcement of plans for a 15-story Muslim institution two blocks from the World Trade Center.


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Luxe Condos at ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Site Will Aim Above Market Rate

El-Gamal’s Soho Properties has proposed a 667-foot (203-meter) condominium tower at lower Manhattan’s 45 Park Place. The glass skyscraper, which has yet to break ground, will include at least 15 full-floor units of 3,200 to 3,700 square feet (297 to 344 square meters), and average prices higher than $3,000 a square foot, according to plans released to Bloomberg by the developer.

Prices at that level would be at least 13 percent more than the second-quarter average for new-development listings in the borough, according to Halstead Property Development Marketing. The ultra-luxury focus of the building highlights the newfound allure of lower Manhattan as an upscale destination, yet it comes amid growing concern about an oversupply of apartments for multimillionaire buyers.

“The tower is going to be a market-maker,” El-Gamal told us. “We’ve perfected a building that’s really going to share in a unique moment.”

El-Gamal’s original plans for an Islamic center and mosque at the lot—two blocks north of where the former World Trade Center towers stood—ignited a political controversy in 2010. Protesters called it the “Ground Zero mosque” and said its placement near the site of the deadliest terrorist attacks in U.S. history would be an insult to those who were killed there.


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Feb 29th

El-Gamal said that in a few weeks he will announce details on construction financing for his 667-foot (203-meter) glass condo building, where the average price will be at least $3,000 a square foot.

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He did state 700 feet to which is nice and it will have 50 units.

Great news! always welcome to height increases. I agree it will revitalise the area but “the heart of the new downtown”? I’m not sure hahahaha

We were told this would start construction in the 1st quarter of this year, what’s the latest?

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