NEW YORK | 40 Riverside Blvd | 345 FT | 33 FLOORS

One Riverside Park ~ 40 Riverside Blvd


Official Name: One Riverside Park
Street Address: 40 Riverside Boulevard (Map)
Building Function: residential
Structural Material: concrete
Start of Construction: 2013
Completion: 2015

Height: Architectural: 105.2 meter / 345 feet
Height: To Tip: 105.2 meter / 345 feet
Floors Above: Ground : 33
No. of Apartments: 219

Companies Involved

Developer: Extell Development Corporation


June 1

June 2

Construction Update: 40 Riverside Boulevard


40 Riverside Boulevard, photo by Colin Miller

Construction has made major headway at 40 Riverside Boulevard on the Upper West Side, which has now topped-out. Extell is the site’s developer, and Goldstein Hill & West is the architect of record.

40 Riverside Boulevard, photo by Colin Miller

Permits reveal a total scope of 527,350 square feet, which will be mostly residential, divided amongst 274 apartments. 40 Riverside Boulevard will also include a 7,846 square foot commercial component and 2,926 square feet of community facility space; the tower stands 345 feet tall.

40 Riverside Boulevard, photo by Colin Miller

With cladding now rising, the project’s appearance continues to evolve, though it should be relatively attractive; larger buildings stand to the north — and will soon rise to the south — relegating 40 Riverside Boulevard to ‘filler’ status. Its location guarantees permanent visibility on the overall skyline when viewed from New Jersey, but eye-catching structures like Durst’s 625 West 57th Street will become focal points, drawing attention away from the 33-story tower.

40 Riverside Boulevard, photo by Colin Miller

While 40 Riverside Boulevard will complete the ‘Riverside South’ development initially begun by Trump, the site abuts the ‘Riverside Center‘ project, where construction is just beginning. As growth continues, new development will continue to transform a formerly barren location into a vibrant, walkable, and desirable neighborhood, bringing the southwest corner of the Upper West Side to its full potential.

40 Riverside Boulevard, photo by Colin Miller

Completion of 40 Riverside Boulevard is expected in 2015.

Fully clad building to the very left:

11 10 2014 by samsebeskazal, on Flickr

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11 16 2014

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Tower is completed. Has an actual number to call the building and it has occupants.

Pic above is a rendering, but the tower is finished and Cityrealty confirms it as well.

Apartments could be viewed in person.

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