NEW YORK | 4-10 E 34th St | FT | FLOORS

4 E 34th is lame, but 10 E 34th is nice. I’d like to see this project incorporate the crappy building on 34th and 5th.

Here’s the JPM Chase building on 34th and Fifth. I hope these developers get it.

This sucks. 10 E 34th is nice. The PoS on the corner of 5th needs to go, but I doubt these putzes will get it.

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These pigs must be stopped.

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I complete agree, as this makes me really sad & disgusted. This area is where I grew up.

We need vast stretches of NYC landmarked to protect the city against these pigs.

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I like Leo! Hopefully the project is nice, he has good/contemporary taste. :slight_smile:

Maybe he’s a nice guy, but he’s razing beautiful old buildings, which sucks. Also, assuming that he does not acquire 349 Fifth, we’ll be stuck with that eyesore forever.

This crappy JPMC building at 349 5th must go!