NEW YORK | 300 East 41st Street | 208 FT | 21 FLOORS

Didn’t this design call for ugly mesh screens on the lower level like Macklowe’s 59th St building? If so, I hope that they’ve been VE’d out as the were on Harry’s building.

Nope they’re still there, the screen on the upper portion is already being installed. It wasn’t just the lower level, its the whole wide side of the upper volume and whole slim side of the lower volume portion.

It’s still planned like this

They look hideous.

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It looks like scar tissue. Bleh


I was wondering what that mess is to the left in the second picture posted by AntonioL.

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Which raises the question: For why???

I think is a bad copy of this:

Which looks like a 1960’s nightmare -

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Facade has started


I wouldn’t particularly say its providing much shade to the 2 sides that it’s being put up on but considering it’s a Turkish based building, the architect was clearly trying to implement Islamic screen based architecture which is very geometric, the same as found on the Burj Doha image Alemel alluded to.

The same screen motif is also found on the base of the Turkish consulate building near the UN.


Yes, I don’t see this screen as having any real practical use, unlike the Doha tower this one it’s just decorative.

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