NEW YORK | 280 Eighth Avenue l 113 Feet l 10 Floors


This is a good sized footprint. I’m surprised he’s not going taller as it’s close to Penn transportation etc.,-73.997201&z=18

I think if you tear it all down it would be a lot higher than 10 stories.

Demo is now underway


I’m guessing he will put in a Gristede’s.



Well, that’s rather disappointingly generic.

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Kind of a blah area.


Part of an apparent new “style” using different colors on top and bottom segments of buildings. That is hard to get right and this one doesn’t make it.

There is much more to the value of an architectural design than the Aesthetics of the facade. I rather like the look of this building for its sheer ‘pragmatic’ appeal. I am glad most buildings to not try to be ARTchitecture, and this is a good example. I rate this one BETTER on the good/better/best scale in terms of looks/aesthetics.

In terms of “functionalism” this design seems quite effective: the various terraces, large windows at base, full height window above, enclosed outdoor spaces fitting nicely into the overall form factor. There is much that is not seen regarding how this building meets the ‘program’ requirements of a residential buildings: but I get the sense this is a well ‘functioning’ building.

I actually appreciate “generic” or “building standard” architectural design if the principals of Form-follows-function are the guiding principles of the design.

Excerpt - Functionalism by definition is the idea that architects must design a building or structure based on what the purpose of that building will be, nothing more, no grand ornate detail, just clean lines. The three classic goals of architecture are utilitas, venustas, and firmitas, or utility, beauty, and firmness.