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With a single unified lighting scheme I’d say no besides 425 as you mentioned when it is turned on. The closest I can think of would be 3 WTC, which is done with a bunch of separate lights.

So yeah, this one would be the first “major” one to have such lights.

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Mmm…I say we let Texas and Asia keep their high profile lighting to themselves.


I say we don’t. For some reason developers think lightning is a joke in NYC


I don’t mind lighting as long as it’s classy and/or subtle. Less neon and more indirect lighting that doesn’t overpower night time photos of the skyline.

This one in Dallas looks tacky to me. (My opinion. If you disagree, please do so without insulting me.)


more light pollution is really the last thing nyc needs


Richmond VA has a yearly event called “RVA Illuminates”. Most of the bigger buildings in downtown are outlined with lights that are turned on during the winter for the holiday season. I think it is a cool concept, I would love to see a larger city adopt this type of holiday lighting.



It really puts the building massing into perspective imo

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I believe the Norfolk business district has similar lighting. It kind of makes the office buildings look like homes with christmas lights.

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Is every day St. Patricks Day in Dallas, or is that Olive Garden Tower? I totally agree, that is just plain hideous!


That Turkish Consulate building did for a while, and it was red with animated pulses of white. I thought it was relatively classy. But either it broke or they turned it off after a few months.

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That’s unfortunate. That strip with a red glow looked really good at night


3 WTC’s nighttime lighting is an absolute failure in my honest opinion. It certainly had potential to look cool but it was executed rather terribly. The office lighting completely drowns it out from most vantages, much like The Spiral (although it’s visible from some angles). These towers do not look good at night at all.

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Somehow I missed this and only found it when going through the wiki article about this development. I just find it interesting how tall this technically could have been (above CPT´s roof). Though I wouldn´t have actually wanted it to be that tall, as it looked pretty meh, and the materials in the only renders we got looked pretty standard. As opposed to this absolutely beautiful design we´ve gotten.

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TSX Broadway is going to have crazy facade lighting. Could be pretty cool if they do it right.


Those were never actually real contenders of the design, they were only study massings (and study renders) to understand the no action and action options as determined by the maximum building envelope. :+1:

@SMCYB I kind of agree with your sentiment about Dallas and am sure that is what @5Bfilms was refering to when he said Texas. That seems to be an old photo when the building was still lit using green colored argon filled tubes, it has since been updated with programmable LEDs in 2013 so it looks better and less over powering now. The green was used because it is more visible at night than any other color from a distance.

Though this building will clearly be “outlined” by its lighting, since it is a non direct hidden lighting, I think it will look very nice. It’s just still a matter of how much it will be maintained because if portions of the lights start to go out and aren’t fixed, it’s not going to pook very good.


That is exactly what I was thinking of @TKDV…the architectural equivalent of ‘all hat, no cattle’.


Chelsea Onyx.

They started installing the 4th floor/row of cladding today.




The cranes are visible from New Jersey. I was out at the beach and I was able to spot them.

(Hint: look behind Metlife)