NEW YORK | 27 East 79th Street | 232 Ft | 14 FLOORS

This Stunning building will replace a rare POS on this STUNNING street! The only eyesore that still needs to come down is the heinous little diner on the SW corner of 79th and Madison. However, nearby, the two pieces of low rise garbage on the NE corner of Madison and 78th also have to go ASAP.

Nice scoop by YIMBY!


Nice. Changed the title to reflect the height. Will be 232 ft.

This is the kind of luxury design that fits in perfectly with the UES.

Look at this beauty.


I agree, Chris. It’s stunning.

They should demolish 980 and 985 Fifth avenue and put up something like this.


I agree. That building is HEINOUS. However, since it’s a coop, it would be impossible to buy everyone out and rebuild. I’d be happy if they put up a new limestone façade. That building is HORRIBLE.

photo from City Realty


This is going to be beautiful.