NEW YORK | 27-45 Jackson (42-57 Hunter) | 196 + 86 FT | 18 + 8 FLOORS

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[Foundation coming in at 27-45 Jackson Avenue, future home of Aloft Hotel] 1

Posted on July 30, 2014 by CtSqLIC

Rendering for 27-45 Jackson Avenue

Construction is moving along at 27-45 Jackson Avenue, the future home of Aloft Hotel. We stopped by last week and saw that crews have mostly finished the excavation they were working on in May, and they’ve now moved on to making the foundation.

When all is said and done, the building is projected to be a 22-story building on the existing 20-foot-wide and 200-foot-deep lot. The building is expected to deliver in Spring, 2016.

Inside construction at the future Aloft Hotel


Fronting Jackson:

Fronting Hunter:

Taken 6/17

This one has already topped out and they are just finishing the facade now. Unfortunately that facade is boring and ugly.


Facade would’ve been much better had they picked just one shade of blue for the highlight!


Agree – when things are going to be cheap, it’s best they stick to simple. Nothing wrong with boring, but the more colors, the more potential for something tacky and offensive!

And now some photos from this morning.


Thanks for the update. I walked past last night but forgot to take a pic of this one.

Looks like some final touches have to be done at least from the outside, don’t know about the inside. It also has some night lights.