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Apparently, there’s an LPC application to build a nice mid-rise to replace a banal taxpayer at 253 Fifth and to restore 251 to its stunning original form.

I never expected this to be restored, nor did I know that it had a gorgeous, Victorian peak. This is GREAT news!




this would be phenomenal.

More infos and renderings


Can you copy and past that link? I can’t open it.

„ The stretch of Broadway and Fifth Avenue between 24th and 32nd Streets is now known as NoMad, but a good portion of this area is located within the boundaries of the Madison Square North Historic District. For this reason, the team behind a new building at 251-253 Fifth Avenue (located between East 28th and 29th Streets) was required to seek Landmarks’ approval for their project.

As it currently stands, the site features a Queen Anne-style French flats building designed by George B. Post at 251 Fifth Avenue and described by The New York Times as the home to some of the earliest apartment buildings in the city. Directly next door at 253 Fifth Avenue is a store and office building designed by Charles C. Thain. The proposal calls for the restoration of 251 Fifth Avenue and the replacement of 253 Fifth Avenue with a new mixed-use building.

A presentation prepared by TRA Studio depicts a new building with oversized windows, terra cotta panels, and a cantilever over the restored building. It also shows historically sensitive materials for the restoration of the old building, as well as numerous examples of the architectural elements seen throughout the historic district. The project calls for 86 new housing units, 30% of which would be rent-stabilized, and a full floor of amenities. Landmarks generally supported the demolition of the existing building and the approach to restoration work; they also found the new building appropriate in terms of height (233 feet high) and materiality. However, not everyone appreciated the cantilever, and many thought it needed a more balanced side facade. It was not approved, but Chair Sarah Carroll invited the team to return with a revised proposal.„




Great report by YIMBY !

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